Wednesday, August 4, 2010

White Rose Part 1

It is late. The nite is so dark. Not a single star in the pitch black sky. It started to drizzle. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Who can it be at this hour? I hurried to the door. I hesitate to open it. Just then, there was a voice outside the door calling my name
“Lily, open up!” That sounds like Marina. “Hold your horses, I’m coming”. I opened the door. There stood Marina looking furious. I’ve never seen her so angry. “What’s with you?” I asked. She ignored me, walked past me towards the kitchen. She rummaged thru the fridge, but decided to settle for a can of soft drink. She sat down on the sofa & turned on the TV. I asked her again. “What’s up?”
Marina put down her drink on the coffee table. She seemed not satisfied with something. “I really hate how he openly shows his affection for his wife in front of me. Who does he thinks she is. I need to make sure they break up. I do not want to share him with anyone else, not his wife nor his children. I will make sure I am the only one for him.”
“Marina! Are you out of your mind? It is sinful to break-up marriages. I told you not to mess with married men. But NO, you will not listen to me. You said I was jealous coz Harris likes you”
‘I don’t care. I want Harris for myself. I will find a way to break them up subtly. I will make Harris hates her or she leaves him. Then only I will be satisfied”.
No words will change Marina’s mind at this time. She is too obsessed with Harris. I just pity Harris’ wife & children. Marina is my friend but sometimes she can be selfish and mean.
Marina grew up without the love of her father. Her parents split when she was still a baby. Both remarried and Marina ended up staying with her Aunt. She is always going after older men who reminds her of her father. In the process, she has hurt a lot of people – wives & children. I have tried advising her that what she has done is wrong but she won’t listen to anyone. I even tried asking her mother to talk to her. Her mother just couldn’t do anything coz Marina doesn’t listen to her as well.
“What crazy scheme are you thinking of this time? I don’t like it Marina. You have to stop doing this to other women. Just because you had a lousy childhood, doesn’t give you the rights to take away other people’s happiness. What did Harris say?”
“Harris wants to marry me but he will not divorce his wife. I DO NOT want to share him. I want him all to myself. But I can’t ask him to divorce her coz he loves her too much. Now, I will just play along. Pretend to like her and when there is any opportunity, I will use it to create friction between them. Eventually, he will grow tired of her & leave her. Or if she cannot bear to live with him anymore, she will asked to be released. However it is, I must make sure that split up”
“Marina, you are crazy. This is wrong. I know you too well. How long can you last with Harris? You will eventually grow tired of him like the others before him. By the time he realizes this, he would have broken the hearts of his wife & children, thanks to you. Please think of Allah. Allah is very fair. You may get away in this world, but you cannot escape during judgement day. Think about it, Marina.
“Lily, I don’t care. I want Harris & that is it. I do not want to share so he will have to choose me or her. If he chooses her, I will just find another guy. No big deal. I am after all, the hottest chick in town”. She lets out an evil laugh.
“Marina, that is not true love.”
“Well, I never said I really love Harris. I just want him. If I play my cards right, Harris will do anything for me, including ditching his old wife & kids. I will also make sure he doesn’t give them any money. I have my lifestyle to maintain.”
“Marina, this is very wrong”
“Lily, if you want to continue give me a sermon, I’m going home. I’m here because you are my friend & I thought you would understand”
“Marina, you are insane. I cannot condone such behavior. Yes, you are my friend but I do not agree what you are doing to Harris and his family. Allah will punish you one day.”
“I’m leaving. I’m not listening to your sermon anymore”
“Suit yourself. You are still my friend & you are still welcomed to my house. But I do not have to agree with what you are doing. It is my responsibility as a fellow Muslim to advice you even though you may not listen to anything I say to you.”
“Bye Lily. See ya at work on Monday’
I closed the door behind Marina. She is behaving crazy again. It is too damn difficult to reason with her. She can be very selfish, inconsiderate, mean & insensitive. I have tried so many times to advice her. But she never listens to me. She doesn’t listen to anyone.
I pray that she doesn’t carry on her evil plans. But if she really does, I pray that Allah give Harris, his wife and children the strength, courage & perseverance to withstand this test on them. Harris is a nice guy. He loves his wife very much, but he has a weakness when it comes to a pretty face. Marina is not drop dead gorgeous but she sure has the necessary assets to turn men’s heads.

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