Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is It A Dream Part 3

Carol & I grabbed some sandwiches & fruits for dinner after we left E Hotel. I reached home about 9pm. I’m beat. Had a quick hot shower & climbed into bed. Turned on the TV & found P.Ramlee classic movie on – Ahmad Albab. Cool. I love all P.Ramlee movies.
I almost dozed off when an incoming text message sounded on my cell phone surprised me. Arghh, it’s Aaron. The last person I wanted to hear from. I don’t even want to read his text message. “Sweet heart, please forgive me. I know I hurt you. Please give me another chance”.
Ya, right. After all the spiteful, mean, insulting words he said to me, he got the nerve to ask me back. Does he think I don’t have any feelings? He hurt me beyond repair. I now understand when Michael told me several years back that the reason he divorced his wife was he just didn’t love her anymore. I didn’t think it was possible. I always thought Michael was yanking my chain. But now, I am experiencing the same feelings. Whatever love I felt for Aaron before is gone now. I cannot live with somebody I don’t love.
I should change my cell phone #. I don’t ever want to see him or hear from him again. This is not the 1st time he cheated on me. I doubt he can ever stop. Even if he leaves her, he will just fall for another woman sooner or later.
I tossed the cell phone onto the nite stand beside my bed. Turned off the TV & went to sleep. The only time I am happy is in my sleep. Hope to see my wonderful Jay again tonite.

“Good morning, Sarah”, greeted JK at the pantry. “Hi”, was all I managed to say. “You look terrible”, said JK. “I know”. “Hey, take care”, said JK as he’s leaving the pantry.
Work as usual, no major incidences, no crazy meetings & no disgruntled customers . Thank God. Don’t think I can take any havoc today.
Just after lunch, my cell phone rang. It’s my dad asking me if I’m picking him up at the airport later. Gosh, I completely forgot. I thought he’s coming back from JB tomorrow. Dad went down to JB & Singapore to visit his uncles. He confirmed his flight will not be delayed. So, he’ll be arriving at 5pm.

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