Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is It A Dream Part 2

I grabbed my cell phone & wallet and followed Carol. “So, where to?” asked Carol. “Let’s go to QB. Lots of eating places to choose. Since I’m paying, you pick the place”. “Got limit or not? hehehe” asked Carol jokingly. I let out a chuckle & smiled “All you can eat today. My treat.”
As Carol drove us to QB, I just lay back & try to close my eyes. How I miss him. Every time I close my eyes, I can see him. He’s walking towards me with his arms open wide. I ran into his arms. He kisses me & holds me close to him. I can almost smell the sweet, intoxicating smell of his body.
Then, I was rudely awaken by Carol’s voice “Sarah, are you OK? Are you sick or just plain angau? So, who’s the guy? You cannot keep any secrets from me, okay”. How can I explain to Carol that the love of my life appears only in my dreams. I have never felt like this before. I love him so much that it hurts. I want so much for him to be real. Oh God. What is happening to me, what is wrong with me?
“Sarah, did you hear me? Confirm angau la like this”. “OK, who’s the guy? You don ‘t have to belanja me if you just tell me who is he”.
“Let’s get something to eat first, I’m hungry.” I open the car door and walk out. Carol quickly got out of the car, locks it & chase after me. “Sarah!” Carol called out to me. I know I’m driving her crazy. As we walk through QB, deciding where to have lunch, I manage to distract Carol to other topics.
We decided to have lunch at TGI Friday. Good, not many people here today. We decided to order only 1 set lunch including desserts and share. Quite big serving, so definitely enough for both of us. While waiting for the food to be served, Carol just couldn’t contained herself anymore. “OK, Sarahl. Out with it. Who’s the guy? I’ve never seen you like this before”
“Carol, it not so easy to explain”.
“Sarah, is he a married man? Please la, don’t mess with married men. They are not worth it. You’ll just get hurt.”
“It would be easier if he is a married man. “ I finally opened up to Carol & told her everything about him. For the first time, Carol is speechless . Knowing Carol, that’s a torture for her. Well, my good friend is a natural born chatterbox.
Our food came, so I managed to sway our conversation away from ‘Jay’. Well, I decided to give him a name. We finished our lunch & head back to office.
Work kept us busy the rest of the afternoon. Carol ping me on the communicator.
“What are you doing after work?”
“No plans. Why”
“Let’s go to the spa at E Hotel”
“Good idea. I needed that. What time are we going?”
“Let’s leave about 630pm.”

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