Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is it a dream?

I opened my eyes & turned to my right. "Sayang, where are you?" Oh no, it was just a dream. A dream so real that I do not want to wake up. He has been appearing in my dreams every nite for the past 2 months. But who is he? In my dreams, he is the love of my life. He is the most wonderful, loving, caring & sincere person. Mr Perfect - only exist in a dream. Oh, how I wish that he is real.

I forced myself out of bed, hit the showers & get ready for work. In front of the mirror, I can imagine him standing beside me with the most beatiful & loving smile. Oh no. I'm in love with the man in my dreams.

Left for the office, tuned in to FlyFM as always for the Pagi Show with Nadia, Ben & Pheabs. They sure know how perk me up in the morning. Arrived at the office, check emails. Good, no meetings today. Head down to the cafeteria for breakfast. Cool, roti jalan & chicken+potato curry. No coffee for me. I'm on a 1 cup of coffee per month goal. Plain warm water is good enough. Finish up the roti jala quickly & walk back to my cubicle.

Busy with work didn't realized that my lunch buddy was standing infront of my cubicle. "Hey, I thought we are going out for lunch today. You said u want to belanja me. Let's go". "Alamak, noon already ka? OK, OK, Give my 5mins. Let me send this email out 1st. You drive OK. I'm still sleepy"

To be continued........

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