Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Tribute To My Mother (May she RIP)

Assalamu'alaikum I just realized that mother's day is just round the corner. Well, I am not used to celebrating mother's day. My mom passed away when I was 5years old. I don't have much recollection of my life with her. Partly I was too small when I was staying with her. When I was 4 and half, she shipped me back to my grandparents to attend kindergarten. So, I stayed with my grandparents in Penang while she stayed with my dad in Kuala Selangor. I don't really remember when she came back to stay with my grandparents & me. But she was getting sicker. I remembered the last Eid with her. She was feeling sick but she really wanted to eat Padang Brown's Mee Rebus. Grandma made a fuss saying no stall is opened for biz since it's Eid. Dad, being a very devoted husband ignored grandma & took my mom & me to Padang Brown to check out if any stalls were opened. We were in luck. Some stall were opened. I'm glad my mom got to eat her favorite Mee Rebus before she got very, very sick. The next thing I remember, she was already admitted to Penang General Hospital. Both her kidneys were damaged since she was small. SO, she knew she wouldn't live long. Back in 1974, there was no hemodialysis treatment don't talk about kidney transplant. So, she was on meds to ease her pain & discomfort & to allow her to urinate. The meds were about RM1.50 a tablet (in 1974). So, I don't know what is the equivalent now. And she needed 3 tablets daily. Dad was still working in Kuala Selangor as Lighthouse Keeper. He had already put in for transfer back to Penang but the process is not immediate. We my mom got very sick, I was sent to stay with my paternal grandmom as my aunts can hep look after me. Both my grandmothers would alternate to care for my mom at the hospital. Some relatives or family friends would take me go visit my mom. I don't really remember any conversation with my mom. But the thing I can't forget was the smell of meds when I was near her. On Nov 28, 1974 the doctors gave up and let my mom to be brought home. By that time, dad was already back in Penang on emergency leave. I was still at my paternal grandma's house. Early morning on Nov 29, 1974 my mom breathed her last breath and passed away peacefully at a very young age of 27. Leaving behind a husband & a 5 year old daughter. My grandmother was devastated. She always thought my mom would outlive her & would take care of her in her old age. She knew my mom was sick but she just didn't want to accept that my mom was very sick. When my mom married my dad, doctors advised her against having any children. But being very stubborn, she when ahead & had me. For that, I am very grateful for. If she hadn't beat the odds & not have me, I wouldn't be here today on this earth. TQ MAMA for your sacrifice. The only way for me to thank you is by remembering you in my prayers. May Allah bless your soul always. I missed you, still miss you & will always miss you. InsyaAllah, we will meet again in Jannah. Amin ya rabbal 'alamin.

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